Canada – La marijuana récréative obtient le feu vert

Au Canada, vous trouverez un pays de dix provinces et trois territoires qui s’étendent de l’Atlantique au Pacifique. Les dix provinces s’étendent des Rocheuses canadiennes à l’océan Arctique. La superficie totale du Canada est de 9,98 millions de kilomètres carrés, ce qui en fait le deuxième plus grand pays au monde. Sa population de 16,5… Continue reading Canada – La marijuana récréative obtient le feu vert

graine canabis cbd

The cannabis Kingdom, also known as the Marijuana Kingdom, is a country in Southeast Asia, consisting of ten provinces (called regiments) and is one of the world’s most developed countries for cannabis production. Each region has unique regulations, which have been created through time by government agencies. However, the most commonly used cannabis is resin… Continue reading graine canabis cbd

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The fourth annual CAN cannabis expo is taking place in Ottawa, Canada during November. It is scheduled to run for ten days. This is considered as the world’s largest gathering of cannabis growers, suppliers, product manufacturers and retailers. The event has been running since 1971. With Canada and the United States being the two leading… Continue reading graine amnesia

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If you’re thinking of flaunting a spluttering, bling-bling marijuana leaf to attract attention this holiday season, then look no further. The trend of marijuana jewelry is sweeping the nation, with people of all ages and backgrounds indulging in what looks like an extremely fun hobby. No longer is marijuana just for stoners. Designers are making… Continue reading graine de cookies kush

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The latest release of the cannabis XJ13 drug is also the basis of the new cannabis strain named after the famous Canadian rapper, Justin Timberlake. The cannabis that is manufactured under this name contains more THC (tetra-amino-acids) than any other cannabis strain to date. This is said to be in part to compensate for the… Continue reading graine northern lights

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“Cannabis Queer” is a self-published book written by British author Michael Bloomfield. He tackles the common misconceptions that people have about cannabis, as well as offering his own personal opinion on the matter. He claims to have taken marijuana and smoked it for many years, and has now become a leading member of the British… Continue reading graine de cbd 0

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Not long ago the cannabis king of Jamaica, Prince Edward himself, released a statement affirming his country’s status as a cannabis friendly nation. The statement, which you can find online, reads as follows,” cannabis use… does not necessarily… promote psychosis or addiction.” The statements seem to be in support of those who have spoken out… Continue reading graine chanvre cbd 0.2 thc